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BMW announced that it is going to unveil the production version of the iX3, a new electric SUV, on July 14.

When unveiling the BMW iX3 concept vehicle in 2018, the German automaker said that it’s going to be the first electric vehicle based on its fifth-generation electric powertrain technology, which is designed to enable longer electric range.

The next-generation EV is also the first fully electric vehicle launched by BMW since the i3 back in 2013.

It is expected to hit the market at the end of the year, and now the German automaker is ready to unveil the production version.

The BMW iX3 is going to be the German automaker’s first car produced in China and exported to other markets. It is expected to hit Europe later this year, but BMW canceled its plan to launch the iX3 electric SUV in the US. The German automaker’s dealers reportedly didn’t think they could sell the electric vehicle due to its range.

Along with the full unveiling of the production design, BMW could also update the specs of the electric SUV. BMW has been talking about a 74 kWh battery pack, which the automaker claims is going to enable 440 km of range on a single charge.


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