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Seat, a Spanish automaker owned by VW, has unveiled the production version of its stunning electric hot hatchback: Cupra el-Born.

The Cupra el-Born concept was unveiled last year and got us excited about the prospects of an electric hot hatch built on VW’s MEB platform.

Now Seat is unveiling the production version of the vehicle ahead of its launch next year.

The Cupra el-Born appears to have similar specs as the higher-end version of the VW ID.3 but in a different packaging.


Seat has also updated the specs of the Cupra el-Born:

“The CUPRA el-Born features state of the art technologies such as a Head-up Display with Augmented Reality. It will be able to travel up to 500km on a single charge thanks to its high-efficient 77kWh battery (gross: 82kWh). Thanks to its fast charging capability, the CUPRA el-Born will take the energy needed for at least 260km in only 30 minutes.”


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