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The Nikola Badger has only been shown to the public as a handful of renderings, but the company is taking $5,000 pre-orders for the electric pickup truck. Nikola plans to fully reveal the truck at its Nikola World 2020 event December 3-5.

Nikola has shown prototype hydrogen fuel-cell semi trucks, ATVs, and a jet ski, in addition to the Badger. But it hasn’t delivered a single product yet.

Nikola said the Badger will have over 906 horsepower and 908 pound-feet of torque, allowing for 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds—a figure that’s more sports car than pickup truck.

CEO Milton has said Nikola will partner with an established automaker on production. Nikola is targeting a 2022 launch, but hasn’t selected—or announced—its automaker partner yet.

Milton has gone to great lengths previous to emphasize that Nikola won’t use deposit money for company operations, as he accused Tesla of doing. So why so much, so far in advance?


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