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Tesla has purchased a 2,100-acre plot of land 12 miles outside of Austin in what could be the home to its upcoming Cybertruck production facility.

An application from the Texas Comptroller’s office describes Tesla’s plans to develop and design a “high-tech electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County.” This provides a strong indicator that Tesla has chosen Texas to be the home of its next EV production facility.

All indications until this point has led to Tesla utilizing the Lone Star State for its next, and possibly largest, production facility to date. In January, CEO Elon Musk tested the waters to see if Texas was the appropriate location for its next factory via a Twitter poll. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with 80% of the 305,724 participants in the survey being in favor of a “Giga Texas.”


The facility will likely produce the Tesla Cybertruck, along with the Model Y crossover. The production of the Cybertruck’s Dual and Tri-Motor variants is expected to begin in late 2021.


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