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Many studies have confirmed the health benefits of replacing internal-combustion vehicles with EVs, but a new Canadian study puts a dollar amount on those benefits.

A single electric car replacing a gasoline car brings approximately CD$10,000 (about $7,400 at current exchange rates) in «social benefits,» according to the study, which was drafted by advocacy groups Environmental Defence and the Ontario Public Health Association.


Social benefits were calculated based on the Value of Statistical Life (VSL), a measure of how much people are willing to pay to reduce their risk of death, according to the study’s authors. That could be expressed as wage premiums required to attract workers for risky jobs, or willingness to pay for improved vehicle safety features, but does not include health care costs.

The study also found that switching to electric cars and SUVs would mean 313 fewer premature deaths each year, while «cleaner» trucks would mean 275 fewer premature deaths each year. Electrifying transit buses would mean 143 fewer premature deaths annually, according to the study.


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