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GuelphRacing, a YouTube channel that covers Canadian drag racing events, stumbled upon some Tesla performance testing this week. It seems the channel focuses on loud petrol cars with plenty of modifications, though it does note that it covers street cars as well.

The recent event features a Tesla Model 3 Performance and a Tesla Model S Performance ‘Raven.’ Both cars belong to the same owner. The event took place on June 6, 2020 at the Toronto Motorsports Park. According to GuelphRacing, the two cars were putting down some impressive times. The channel notes this is especially true of «a couple of electric street cars.»

It seems Guelph has a lot to learn about Tesla vehicles. However, it’s safe to say they’re clearly not oblivious. In fact, they have plenty of good questions and can talk the talk no doubt. However, it also seems they were quite surprised that some electric cars could pull off such impressive times, not to mention stomping on some petrol-powered competition.

Guelph says the Model S Performance Raven (with the latest firmware update) was putting down 10-second quarter-mile passes. The Model 3 Performance was clocking times in the low 11s. Watch the video for more specific details.


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