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How can EV fans ever win this argument? Here are some tips.

Like anything relatively new, Formula E has taken a little while to establish an audience. Now that popularity continues to increase for this electrifying series of motor racing, there’s inevitably plenty of Formula One purists happy to take aim, critical that it’ll never be as good as their preferred option. However, both have their merits and for every criticism, there’s a perfectly good counter-argument at hand.

Audience Engagement

When it comes to popularity and size of audience, there’s no doubt that Formula One wins the argument hands down.

Speed and Sound

Head to head, obviously Formula One cars can reach phenomenal speeds that Formula E cars quite simply aren’t designed to achieve. However, rather than focus on top speed, it’s perhaps best to think of these as two entirely different kinds of racing.

Driver Skill

There’s often some considerable debate suggesting that Formula One drivers are, generally speaking, much better and more highly skilled than Formula E drivers.


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