Convocatoria CERRADA Campeonato ELECTRATON  2  0  2  4

Today it is not car against a car or electric vs. internal combustion drivetrain — this drag race is between a Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. an electric snowmobile on a frozen lake in Finland — Tesla and electric vehicle evangelist Bjorn Nyland arranged this race using his Model 3 which he calls ‘MC Hammer’.

Yes, the snowmobile won all the drag race attempts, Tesla Model 3 Performance 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds but I guess that wasn’t true in such low temperatures, the batteries won’t warm up to provide full power and range in these conditions but still impressive as a car, the eSled has skis and track instead of tires that enable it to roll faster on the icy surface.

SOURCE: Xauto World